Why Partner With Buckingham Consulting?

We Introduce You to the Right Partners and Deliver the Right Deals

Our expertise delivers:

- Working relationships with top management of “best in class” international franchisees

- Speed to Market – presenting your company to potential partners quickly and efficiently

- Brand protection - through in-depth market knowledge to recommend partners that are the best fit and offer a track record of performance and brand integrity

- Optimal deal terms through Contract negotiation - maximising financial return

Our extensive global network, with offices around the world, saves you time and money through speed to market, selecting the right partners and striking the right deal, all without the trial, error and potential missteps normally associated with a new business.  

The Global Expansion Imperative

Many companies today are looking overseas for growth, either to take advantage of a “hot” retail concept, or to develop a stream of new revenue due to flat domestic sales.  It is never too early to start, and it is always important to take control of your international destiny.  However, “cracking the code” of international business can be time consuming, expensive and elusive – particularly in knowing where to start, who to contact, what companies are the best, and how to do it right.  Buckingham simplifies and demystifies the international business process, delivering new business opportunities in an efficient and cost-effective manner.